Deep Purple Querkle

Deep Purple Querkle
Deep Purple Querkle
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Deep Purple Querkle

Type: Hybrid
Sex: 10 Regular F2 Seeds
Genetics: Deep Purple x Querkle
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor Harvest: Sept/Oct
Height: Medium
THC Level: High
Characteristics: Lime green plants, darkens heavily in flower, produces sugar dipped trichome encrusted buds.
Great for hash, and great for creating super frosty new strains. Excellent for those looking to
develop something new for themselves.

The breeder of the DPQ loved both of Subcool's strains – Deep Purple and The Querkle – so much he decided to morph them together the DPQ was born. Further crossing has brought us to the DPQ F2's. Credit must go to Subcool for selecting the initial lovely strains to bring onto the market.

The DPQ produces extremely tight and resinous flowers. The calyxes are extremely large and 2 phenos have been seen so far, one with a more grape cluster calyx effect, the other with fantastic pine tree peaked buds with the sugar leaves concentrated on the lower section of the flower. The amount of trichomes that are produced in this cross are amazing, the buds just glisten!

The vegging DPQ's produce light green plants with long, cascading, jaggy fan leaves and tight nodes. It is definitely a stout plant and would be excellent for a Sea of Green. Into flowering the plant takes on a darker, more sinister look and the flowers start to pile on artichoke shaped calyxes. The trichome production is incredible and makes this a real shining diamond.

Smells are like Fruit Candy combined with a sugary sourness more like a Sour Candy Sweet. The buds are awash with a spectrum of different shades of green from light through to dark lime, with the trichomes forming a glistening sea of amber gold colours across the calyxes. The cured hair is a more light orangey colour that is generally overshadowed by the vast amount of trichomes. The nugs on the DPQ form small but solid clusters.

The bag combines the fruity and sour smell at a stand-off distance, and when broken and ground the delightful sweet fruity candy smell takes over. The candy sweetness really comes through on a drag of an unlit joint. With fire to the joint a more sour full flavour comes through. Not the smoothest smokes – "a bit of a breath taker" – but certainly not full on removal of breath. Some people like this effect, with the desire to feel that dunt on the back of the throat. Straight away it's an uplifting high. It will feel like some giant is trying to pull your head skywards whilst your body is firmly rooted to the ground. This is a FULL HEAD BUZZ for sure.

The initial dunt from the smoke wears off a little and as your lungs and throat get use to it the taste of the joint starts to really come out. The combination of the fruit and sour develops into a joint that delivers a delicious flavour that the more advanced smoker will love. Due to the raciness of the high it can quite easily make you loose track of time. What seems like 5 minutes from 4:20 is actually an hour, so if you are doing anything, make sure you do it at 12 times the speed.

This plant will produce excellent hash due to the intense trichome production. Yields can be small but due to the F2 level of breeding an excellent strain for people looking to spice up their favourite plant with extra trichomes and or resin production. Flowers are extremely tight and compact and are like concentrated diamonds. A definite for the connoisseur!

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