Deep Blues

Deep Blues
Deep Blues
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Deep Blues

Type: Indica/Sativa Hybrid
Sex: 10 Regular F3 Seeds
Genetics: Deep Purple x Psychosis x Livers / Blues
Flowering Time: 8 weeks +
Outdoor Harvest: Sept/Oct
Height: Short
THC Level: High
Characteristics: Short growing plant, ideal for SOG, fat single colas, potent smell combinations.

The Deep Blue has been developed to F3 with the intention of creating a nice cross with Livers / Blues, which delivers an indica relaxing stone, with shorter flowering times enabling effective SOG growing and quick turnarounds on crops.

It's about 75% indica, 25% sativa, with the sativa vigour coming more from the male Deep Blue that was selected and the more stouter indica structure of the female F2 that was used. These would ideally be grown with smaller side branches removed to ensure the fat single cola or topped cola's gain maximum benefit from this growing. The plant displays a nice blue tint to the fan leaves and can take a decent amount of feed as well. In fact it prefers top end feeding as far as scales are concerned.

Lime green coloured nuggets of sweetness are what you should end up with. When broken open the nug will release a sweet skunk rotting fruit smell similar to the Livers famous pungent odour.

With a delicious creamy taste the Deep Blue provides a nice stoned and relaxing effect. Both lower and upper body stone. At F3 stage there are 2 different looking bud structures – 1 leans more to the sativa side of the clone-only parents and finishes with a foxtail structure, whilst the diamond-shaped flower seems to finish quicker than the sativa whilst still providing a decent punch.

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